Creating A Digital Environment In The Classroom

The latest insight into Camara Operations in Kenya by our dedicated volunteer, Changez Ndzai. Camara has long been committed to transforming education through the use of ICT (Information Communications Technology) systems and the impact we are having on communities... read more

How Technology Can Inspire Change

Nicola Burns is an Irish volunteer who recently has returned from a trip to Kenya having volunteered in a girls rescue centre with CARA Projects. While on her travels, Nicola visited a Camara Education school and she recounts her experience below: A family friend put... read more

A New Beginning for Digital Learning

Today the Irish government gave its biggest commitment to ICT in education by announcing a 5 year digital technology strategy for schools. Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan announced that the government plans to invest €210m in digital technology in schools, the... read more

World Teacher’s Day

Today is World Teacher’s Day. A day to honor those who make a big difference to education around the world. The world is moving towards digitalized e-learning and in order to avoid the digital divide, a teacher’s role will become more important than ever in a child’s... read more

Camara Education Annual Report 2014

Camara Education are delighted to announce the launch of our 2014 Annual Report. Camara Education is committed to closing the digital divide by improving education in disadvantaged communities around the world. In 2014, we delivered training to 4,299 educators and... read more

Women’s Equality Day: Investing in Empowerment

Today marks Women’s Equality Day, we have come a long way since the times when women didn’t have the right to vote, when it was laughable to think a woman could be president and while we are still making strides for equality in this world, there is still a lot of work... read more

Giving Thanks : An Update From Overseas

A Kenyan update with Changez Ndzai It’s eight thirty in the morning, just thirty minutes after the Camara Kenya offices are opened. I am just settling down to work for the day, when I hear one of the office phone’s ringing, the voice on the other end is from a teacher... read more

A Sustainable Solution To Education’s Digital Divide

A computer’s lifespan is shorter than ever. Want better software? You’ll need a better machine. This is why some computers and laptops are disposed of way before their due date despite still being in working order. There is a sustainable solution, by giving your... read more

Alleviating Poverty in Zambia Through Technology

There are many problems facing the Zambian child today. Poverty is still a major problem in this region and as a result, there is a lack of access to education and not enough resources in place or efforts being made to ensure the next generation of Zambian students... read more

Gratitude From The Classroom

Here at Camara we are usually accustomed to mail of the electronic format, so it was a welcome surprise to receive this letter from a young student in Haiti, benefiting from the use of Camara computers in his classroom. This heartfelt letter is from Edlet Darcy, a... read more

Dublin TechSpacer wins Adobe Foundation scholarship

TechSpace and Foróige today announced that a Dublin ‘TechSpacer’ is the proud recipient of the Adobe Foundation’s annual Creativity Scholarship which will fund his 3rd level education fees for the duration of his chosen course. 18 ­year­ old Jessy Kalala, a young... read more

A New Trend For Schools To Follow

Camara envisions an Ireland where all young people have the skills to realise their potential and confidently create their future. Camara Ireland has worked closely with Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra in Dublin, supplying both computers and training to the primary school.... read more

Dreaming of a Better Future: Changez Ndzai’s Kenya Diary

2013 is the year when I first became acquainted with the Camara Organization. At that time, I was working with another organization which was dealing with only youths here in Mombasa. I was working as head of the environmental department as well as the computer... read more

The need for sustainable development.

John Fitzsimons, Camara Education CEO shares his thoughts on the importance of and need for sustainable development….. It is dark outside. I look out the window and wonder what is happening 36,000 feet below. We are passing over arguably the most controversial... read more
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