Camara’s Journey Into The Caribbean – Part IV

For the last week I’ve been watching the artists along the street outside of the entrance to my hotel. Every morning at 7 am they arrive with about 50 paintings. It takes them an hour to get all of the paintings hung up along the wall, transforming the space... read more

Camara’s Impact in Kenya

Here is another blog entry from our loyal reporter in the field, Changez Ndzai. This month, Changez gives us an update of all the happenings at the Camara Kenya hub. The iMlango Report: The iMlango project is still making huge strides since I last spoke to you. The... read more

How Volunteering Can Give Back To You

Volunteering is the gift of giving, it can bring so much joy to others in life and also ourselves. Volunteering can also prove very beneficial in developing your career as it is looked favorably on by prospective employers. Not only that, but there is such great... read more

Volunteering with Camara Education

Volunteers are a central part of the workforce in Camara Dublin and contribute enormously to the work that is carried out both in the workshop and with our operations in the office. At the heart of it all, volunteers hold true altruistic values, that desire to do... read more

Empowering a Community Through Volunteering

Camara has educated and provided digital literacy skills to hundreds of thousands of children in disadvantaged communities around the world. This would not be possible if not for the persistent efforts and dedication of our volunteers. This week is National... read more

Camara’s Journey Into The Caribbean – Part III

Bienvenue a Haiti! I arrived into the chaos of Port-au-Prince airport on Thursday to a text message that read, “there will be a one armed man who will help you”. I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be prophetic or whether I’d just been... read more

Teaching For a Better Future

Girls in Africa don’t get treated to the same level of education as boys do and this is quite noticeable in the attendance rates. Some families are unable to send all their children to school due to financial issues and unfortunately in the cases of large families,... read more

Camara’s Journey Into The Caribbean – Part II

I spent yesterday with Georgia Morgan, our Project Manager in Jamaica, talking about how we would proceed now that we’ve shut down our operations there. We still need to support the computers that are in warranty, and provide end of life recycling options for... read more

Camara’s Journey Into The Caribbean – Part I

Camara’s, Caribbean and European Service Manager, Maureen O’Donnell has kindly documented her recent travels to the sunny Caribbean for us. Here is the first segment of her journey… It was cold and rainy when I left Boston on Patriots Day, the day of... read more

Transforming an Education Through Digital Literacy

Over the next three weeks as part of a Gender Equality campaign by Camara Education, we will be sharing some inspiring stories and initiatives from our work abroad about how technology in the classroom has altered the lives of thousands of girls in disadvantaged... read more

Changes On The Horizon: Update From Our Kenya Hub

Camara Education has a lot to be thankful for,most notably our dedicated team of volunteers and staff across our hubs in Africa. Changez Ndzai is a passionate individual and is a key member of the Camara Education team in our Kenya hub and he has been reporting to us... read more

E-Waste – What Can We Do About It

With the evolution of technology as a readily available resource to those in nearly all parts of the world, the recycling and safe disposal of E-waste has increasingly become a major problem. E-waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices. Hazardous... read more

The Need For Technology In Classrooms

In today’s world, we are surrounded by the latest and ever evolving trends in technology and it has become almost ubiquitous in linking all aspects of our modern life. Especially in terms of education, the introduction of technology in classrooms in recent years has... read more

From Italy With Happiness

  I think that my Irish experience could be summed up with this beautiful quote, “We are not perfect, we are learning. That’s the beauty in our specific journey.” I took up a 5 month internship with Camara Education and wasn’t sure what to expect, except the... read more

Camara NI’s First African Shipment Sets Sail

Today is a landmark day for Camara Northern Ireland as the hub celebrates its first shipment to Africa. 450 computers will be loaded inside a shipping container before making the long journey to Zambia. Over its lifetime, one computer can impact 21 children, so with... read more