Hub Lesotho

SchoolNet Camara Lesotho,
Sacred Heart High School,
St. Monica, Leribe

CEO: Justin Keane

Map of Location

Lesotho Facts & Information

Population: 2.1 million

Language: English, Sesotho

Literacy: 75% Female: 95%

GDP: $3.5 billion

Internet Users: 3.9% of population

Camara School Net Lesotho was established in 2008, when Camara joined with local computer company School Net to deliver ICT in Education to those most in need. The Hub was moved to Sacred Heart High School School in St. Monica’s in 2010. A major issue facing Camara Lesotho has been that schools simply do not have any budget for ICT. Camara made progress in 2011 and an MOU has been developed to roll out E-Learning centres across the country, starting with all Secondary schools. We hope to see this partnership made real in 2012 and begin in earnest to get ICT to those most in need in Lesotho.

Camara 2011 performance:

  • Shipped Computers: 249
  • Teachers trained: 133
  • Schools served: 15
  • Hub Plan for 2012: full fill e-waste and maintenance status