Hub Tanzania

C/O African Benedictine of Hanga
St. Placidus House
Kurasini B
PO Box 900
Dar Es Salaam

CEO: Alex Levin

Map of Location

Tanzania Facts and Information

Population: 43,188,000 (2010 estimate)

Languages: English

GDP: $24.750 billion (2011 estimate)

Camara Tanzania was recently established in early 2012.It’s first container of computers was shipped from Dublin only last month. The Tanzania hub will work to address the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged schools, in order to ensure they reap the benefits of access to ICT in an appropriate and needs-based manner. Schools will range from primary to tertiary, with computer content specific to each learning group.

It’s ultimate mission is to alleviate poverty in disadvantaged communities by using technology to enhance education.