Hub Zambia

c/o SOS Childrens Village
Great North Road

CEO: Isabelle Fay

Map of Location

Zambia Facts & Information

Population: 13 million

Language: English (official) Various regional languages

Literacy: 77%

GDP: $18.5 billion

Camara Zambia was established in 2009 at the Kitwe College of Education. Based on demand for eLearning opportunities from community centres and schools in the Copperbelt and Southern Provinces, and a government policy focusing on improving literacy skills among the population, Camara Zambia agreed to initiate its eLearning program in these areas. The model that Camara now operates has developed and been adapted over time through discussions between Camara Zambia and the Zambian Ministries of Education and Sport, Youth and Child Development. Camara Zambia establishes low cost e-Learning Centres within schools and community centres, deliver training on how to maintain and administer the Centres, and teach the teachers how to use the technology as effective pedagogical tools. Their hope is that improvements in education will in turn increase the ability of the recipients to attain better livelihoods and so alleviate the poverty they may find themselves in.

2011 performance:

  • Shipped Computers: 1267
  • Teachers trained: 353
  • Schools served: 166

Hub Plan for 2012:

  • 150 schools
  • 1,050 teachers
  • 3,000 pcs