As part of PwC’s Corporate Responsibility programme, we are delighted to support Camara’s work in improving education through technology amongst disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Jamaica and Africa. We would urge companies and individuals when disposing of computers to consider reuse before recycling as reuse provides additional social and environmental benefits.

Noel Carroll

Director of IT, PWC

The NCCA selected Camara to handle the re-use/recycling of its old computer equipment so that African schools can benefit from refurbished technology resources. Camara’s data destruction methods and computer refurbishment/disposal impressed us and also mean that we are compliant with relevant Irish legislation.

Bill Lynch

Director, Curriculum and Assessment, NCCA

Arup’s active engagement with Camara by donating their used computers for reuse is an excellent example of a project that is delivering an improved education and digital literacy skills to disadvantaged communities around the world. Arup’s used computers are educating children in schools in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Jamaica.

Eoghan Lynch

Managing Director, Arup

Salesforce Ireland is delighted to have chosen Camara Education to manage our computer disposal needs. Camara provide an ethical and environmentally friendly reuse solution for IT disposal. It is very satisfying to know that the computers have been refurbished and are being reused in schools to benefit the education of children in disadvantaged schools.

Isabel Kelly

International Director, Salesforce Foundation

Reuse of retired computers to educate the world’s poorest is ethically and economically the right thing to do.It makes no sense to have working computers destroyed through recycling when Camara can give them a second life filled with educational content. ESB is delighted to see our retired computers being refurbished by Camara to directly benefit the education of impoverished children in Africa. The environmental and social benefits of the reuse of retired computers makes compelling sense for ESB.

Maurice O’Connor

Sustainability Manager, ICT and Shared Services, ESB