Camara’s approach to Education

This solution driven approach aims to focus on addressing these identified challenges to our educational delivery model by undertaking five distinct phases, which will be individually elaborated on below:


Research ➠ Development  ➠ Pilot  
Implementation ➠ Monitoring and Evaluation


1. Research

In each operational country, Camara Education undertakes a broad contextual analysis. This process allows for the analysis and articulation of the environment in which individual Camara’s Education hubs currently operate. This analysis considers Camara’s key strategic drivers, the educational needs per country and the circumstances and variables that currently influence Camara’s capacity to achieve intended results and the successful demonstration of those results.
The output of this phase is a refined educationally focused strategy based on social enterprise principles that articulates clear steps to implementation of such strategy.

2. Development

This process includes builds on the development of a clearly articulated educational strategy and consists on the development of:

  1. Educational delivery solution with appropriate technology and support services
  2. Training products and Teacher Development paths based in clearly researched and identified needs
  3. Educational Product with suitable operating systems, resources, software and content that strongly support the delivery of curriculum for the educational domain identified.
  4. School Support product development to support areas such as administration and policy
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation system development

3. Pilot

The pilot phase allows Camara’s Education Hubs to test out its constructed delivery model on a sample of schools over a defined period. This ensures that the processes for delivery of the model are complementary to the intended success of the developed solution and can allow for any redesign of elements if required. This also involves testing of the monitoring and evaluation tools to measure the success of the developed solution.

4. Implementation

Pending successful piloting, Camara’s Education Hubs believes in scaling a successful delivery model the identified target audience guided by social enterprise principles.


5. Monitoring and Evaluation

A critical part of any Camara intervention or operation is to provide proof of the intended and unintended impacts of any developed programs. This allows Camara to refine and remodel where required thus providing a better solution to our identified target educational institutes. It also allows us to report to our partners and other stakeholders in the ICT in Education domain on the successes and challenges encountered in implementing any programme developed.

This process is ongoing and focuses firstly on process evaluation to ensure that Camara are delivering an effective solution as intended. Additionally the key focus is on program evaluation to focus on the success and challenges at outcome and impact level of the program.