We partner with many wonderful organisations. A small selection is highlighted here.

Camara Education has been a trusted partner of Dell’s for many years. We are delighted to support their work in Ethiopia in particular. Since 2017 we have reached over 700 schools together across Ethiopia. Our partnership with Camara goes beyond financial support from Dell Giving, with Dell supplying computers to be used in some of Camara’s eLearning centres and being able to offer our customers the option of donating their used technology to Camara Education. This has only become possible through our vigorous examination of Camara’s operational activities, including having visited many of their education hubs in Africa. Here we have witnessed first-hand the positive impact they are having on the education of those most needy. We would strongly recommend others to support Camara.

Aongus Hegarty President EMEA, Dell Technologies

Having worked with Camara for over six years, we find them to be a professional organisation that continues to impress to this day. We started supporting Camara with funding in 2008 and to date the lris O’Brien Foundation has donated in excess of €1 million to Camara. ln addition to this funding, our overseas Foundation, the Digicel Foundation, in Jamaican and Haiti also work very closely with them by providing funding in excess of $365,000 (US dollars).

We have learnt through our close relationship and their feedback over this time that the introduction of technology in education radically improves student’s chances in life and that is why we value the work of Camara. We would encourage others to support  and so increase the impact that they can have on the educational performance of so many disadvantaged children.

Maria Mulcahy

CEO, The Iris O’Brien Foundation, The Iris O’Brien Foundation

The Costa Foundation is delighted to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Camara Ethiopia to support our schools in the coffee growing area of Bule Hora, in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Camara’s model fits extremely well with the Costa Foundation’s aim to increase access to education to children in these remote and marginalised communities and their social enterprise approach and partnership approach means that the actions we have funded are sustainable and long term.

We would recommend Camara as a partner to any organisation looking to make a lasting impact on education.


Piers Blake

Costa Foundation Manager, The Costa Foundation



Google.org has supported Camara Education to deliver three projects in Ireland and Kenya. The focus of these projects is on equipping schools and youth centres with the computers, education content, training and support to improve the teaching and learning environment. These projects have particularly focussed on developing key STEM skills in the area of computer science.



As well as Camara Education using the Salesforce platform across the organisation, Salesforce has supported Camara since 2008. Since then they have helped us design a unique computer tracking system and have volunteered thousands of hours to refurbish computers in Dublin and London.


The Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is one of the world’s leading private international philanthropic organizations, that has supported the launch and set up of the Camara Refurbishment Hub in London.



Since 2014 Camara Education has been a member of the iMlango consortium, which is led by Avanti, and is delivering a DFID funded project in Kenya to 205 schools in Kenya. www.imlango.com

If you are interested in partnering with Camara Education please contact: Steven Daly, Head of Partnerships, steven@camara.org