Adopt a computer lab project in Africa

Does your company have a unique bond or connection with a particular emerging or developing country?

Camara Education Partners with companies to adopt their very own school project. Guided and lead by camara, the donor supports every stage of the chain, from donation of computers all the way through to staff training and computer installation in your chosen African school.

Sponsorship of £4000 will provide,

Schools are pre-vetted to ensure they have the necessary infrastructure to install a computer lab. This includes concrete floors, a secure and well ventilated room, power surge protection etc.

Training in eLearning management is also delivered to local and regional officials to allow them to support the schools in their locality.

Each school receives 25 computers which are installed and maintained by Camara Education. Each computer is loaded with offline education content on a specially designed learning platform (Camara Learning Studio).

Teacher and principal training is delivered by Camara Education trainers on how to use the computers in the classroom.

Your sponsorship will be recognised with a set of photos of the laboratory that you have sponsored and a certificate of recognition.

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