Carla and I travelled to Lesotho a week ahead of our team to meet our hosts and prepare our stay. It is quite a logistic challenge as the schools are spread all over the country and even if the country has just the size of Belgium it will a lot of travelling involved!

First week is over! We had some mad busy days to see the schools, discuss the different options of transport and accommodation and to find out, that the Anglican Centre in Maseru is probably not the place where you fancy to go back after a day full of work!

It’s getting dark quite early and we where told that Maseru is not the right place to stay out after dark. Well, we didn’t made the effort to find out if it’s true what our hosts from SchoolNet and the Irish ambassador told us. So we were spending our evenings in conclave in our little room and prepared the next day, before we went farely tired to bed!

Lesotho is a very interesting country with beautiful landscape and lovely people! SchoolNet our local partner welcomed us very friendly and with their help we managed to see 8 of the 10 schools, so that we were able to draw a sketchy schedule for our stay!

It is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we will have to manage some things just in time as we don’t have confirmation for all places, if they will meet our requirements for training! But we are getting there and as we are very flexible, we will adjust to the given circumstances and try to make the most of our stay!

Tommorrow we will welcome our team at Jo’burg airport and then drive straight to the Lesotho border to the Little Rock Resort! We haven’t seen it yet so it will be a surprise for us, but we are sure it won’t be like the Anglican…