Unfortunately Helen left us today to head off home. She will definitely be missed from the group and it’s a pity she’s gone but we have a job to do and so we have to get our heads down. We kind of know what to expect now after yesterday and after setting out a plan we flew through the material and the class seemed to be really responsive. There are some really advanced people and some not so advanced. The class seem to be really getting into it. Today we are covering Calc (spreadsheets) and the older ones in particular love when they put in a formula and see how the computer does all the work for them. Tonight was our last night staying in Steven’s guesthouse. Where we stay is separate from his house but when we are eating dinner we eat in their dining room. We have built up a bit of a bond with Steven as we’re staying with him and teaching him too. His wife Mama Tela is absolutely hilarious and always laughing. So seeing as it is our last night with them we sat down and had a few drinks with them and it turned out to be the most surreal, hilarious and interesting dinner ever! Steven was telling us how he is a descendant of a tribe of cannibals (nice one Jonas and Carla, put us in a cannibals house for three nights!) and this tribe killed and ate Moshoeshoe I’s father. Moshoeshoe (pronounced Mo-Shwey-Shwey) was the first King of Lesotho and seems to be a very fair and wise leader. He united all the Basotho people and the people of Lesotho seem to all be very proud of him. He found the tribe who cannibalised his father and captured them all and when asked if he would kill or murder them all he said “No I will not because you are my father’s grave and I must respect my Father’s grave”. It was such an interesting tale to hear. The night turned into quite a blur after that and the six o’clock morning wake up call doesn’t seem too attractive!
Still no bags!!