We woke up today to Joe being jumped on and sung to by the girls. We tried to get as much of a lie-in as possible and then made our way to the school. Malefetsane, our contact over here, lives around Leribe and is nearby so he picks us up every morning in his open back jeep to drive us to the school and let me tell you that shooting along with the wind battering you at seven in the morning while hanging on for dear life definitely wakes you up in the morning!
We finished up in Pitseng that day and with it our first week. After we finished teaching in the afternoon and as part of the certification ceremony we organised a cake for Joe from the convent’s bakery. While we were eating the delicious birthday cake, John Tau was delivering a moving speech to thank us. We went back to our accommodation in Aloe’s guesthouse.

Cormac, who had a very productive week in Maseru, came back to join us and we invited Malefetsane, his family and John Tau to come over to have dinner with us. We had a very enjoyable Braai, the African barbecue. Malefetsane was very satisfied as you can’t celebrate in Lesotho without loads of meat!
After the dinner we were surprised by the staff of the guest house with a traditional singing and dancing presentation. After their performance we felt driven to add an Irish song to the programme and so we had probably one of the saddest performances of Molly Malone that night…