So we had our first full day with Pitseng H.S. today. Sister Juliet, the principal of Pitseng High and a memorable character, joined us today and was well taught by Deirdre.
There is also a very intelligent man called John Tau in our class. He teaches English at the school and has a real dignified air about him that just demands respect. His name Tau is Sesotho for lion and Pitseng Ha Tau is the full name of the town we are in at the minute so I presume his family would be held in high esteem here. Pitseng’s name comes from overhangs in nearby caves which were used as shelter for the Basotho and to protect them when in danger and the guest house we are in overlooks the Malutis (also the name of the beer we have been living on) which are some of the most amazing mountain ranges. This whole place is just full of stunning views no matter where you turn.
Tomorrow is Joe’s 27th birthday so we are all getting ourselves ready for the celebrations!