Today was our first day getting cracked into the teaching. Up at six in the morning! Our first school is called St. Peter’s and is well off the beaten track. The school is situated in the most amazing place, a load of small stone buildings sitting in the midst of some of the most picturesque mountain views. As we got stuck into setting up the classroom and the computers our first students arrived in dribs and drabs. Some hung around outside the doors nattering away while the braver ones sauntered in smiling brightly and shaking hands. We had 19 working computers and 26 students so we had to use our laptops for some students. After a few blank faces at the beginning (I really don’t blame them that early in the morning) we got into the swing of things. The people are so friendly and happy it really was such a thrill to get in there and really interact and get to know them. We all pretty quickly formed bonds and everyone had a pet student.
So thoroughly chuffed with our first days work we headed off home for more of Mamatela’s cooking and a few Maluti beers. In Conor’s professional opinion Maluti is much nicer than Castle Lager. We had been joking about the idea of having a fashion show with all our highly fashionable clothes we bought in Peps. Oh and our bags are still missing!!!