So we have crossed the border and entered Lesotho. We got a taxi bus down to the Maseru border crossing with our passports ready. We had a pretty easy passage through the immigration. Once we entered Lesotho we waited for another taxi bus and our contact Malefetsane from SchoolNet, our host and local partner. He works for the National Cirriculum Development Center who do great work trying to promote education within Lesotho. The area when you cross over was quite an introduction to the poverty that is in Lesotho, all shacks with corrugated iron tops selling fruit and bread. After a short wait we met Malefetsane and headed off in our taxi bus toward the town of Butha-Buthe. We decided that, seeing as our clothes were still missing, we would stop off at Peps, which is the Lesotho version of Penny’s, and get some clothes to see us through the next few days.
The place in Butha-Buthe we are staying is nice enough, four rooms and eight beds between eleven of us and one shower which gets colder as you turn it hotter. Our landlord Steven is a funny fella who keeps smiling, laughing and saying “I am happy”. He’s going to be attending our first teaching session too which should be funny. Well here’s looking forward to getting stuck into teaching tomorrow, we all can’t wait to get stuck into what we came out here do.