The Lesotho team are onboard enroute to Heathrow, an email has just come through from some of the members from team’s Zambia, Uganda andĀ  Ethiopia who have travelled to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to meet othersĀ  for a well deserved break after a long month of teaching. A sense of achievement and a night of celebration is well deserved.
The strength of all overseas volunteering programs relies of the individuals involved and their commitment, dedication and genuine belief that their month teaching computer skills will affect the lives of many. A huge thanks to the 75 volunteers involved in the Africa 07 program, your time here has steered hundreds of Africans in the direction of education and empowerment through the use of technology.

Special thanks too to the volunteer coordinators and Camara staff who have achieved together both personal and professional goals throughout this program.

Thanks again and take it handy.