I take this opportunity to thank the Camara for the good work they are
doing. Throwing computer illiteracy out of Africa is a great thing of
which may be, we could not have managed were it not for Camara.

I quite feel privilaged to see a student of our own on the banner in
site http://www.camara.ie/blog/ , being appreciated world wide, a fact
of the good work te Camara are doing in Africa. the boy at the far end
working on the computer is a pupil at Ganjoni Primary school’s Camara
Lab, where i train computers. This program has benefited a lot of
children who could not have afforded to go for IT training. It is a real
challenge especially in a school like Ganjoni with over 1042 pupils of
whom 950 train for computer in our labs that has 65 computers.

In another site http://www.camara.ie/africa/index.php, the banner at the
top is during a visit by Mr. Cormac. The entertainment and the happy
faces of children is a way of appreciating the Camara for making them
Computer literate.

Thanks to the team in Africa now for the great support they have
continued with. Leanne & Mariah, we are so much grateful for the new
ideas about the web.

The team has also worked in educating both our teachers & pupils on
HIV/AIDS. Thanks to who realised our dire need for a laptop, which we
longed we could use in projection of materials for the children. Irene &
Kevin decided to leave theirs to us. You never know how grateful the
children are. Thanks very much and would be so much grateful if we can
a tleast get a laptop and a Pentium four which we can use as a server.
Currently our machines are Pentium2 running at 500mhz and they are a great aid
to our children.

It is out of this heart-touching mission of the Camara that we the
Ganjoni IT Team, Richard & Florence would wish to be in-corporated as
volunteers here in Africa.
We are experienced IT personnel both in Training & also in technical

Thank you very much as you continue with that noble work. We are proud
to be associated with you and thats why we call our labs the Camara
Computer Labs.


Richard Gachemi,
Teacher in charge of IT Department/ Systems support