Wrapping Presents for ZambiaCamara would like to wish all of its volunteers, supporters, computer donors, friends and colleagues a very merry Christmas. We hope your enjoy the Christmas break and spend a little time thinking about your achievements this year.

Camara with your help sent out 3253 computers to schools in Africa this year, thats about 150 fully equipped class rooms. Each of these computers is packed with educational and office productivity software packages which help educate and empower end users in Africa.

Camara sent out over 60 volunteers this Summer who helped teach basic computer literacy skills to teachers in Africa who can then pass that knowledge onto their students.

With your help, we have designed and implemented our own Linux Distribution which is specifically designed for schools in Africa.Wrapping Up

We have developed an AIDS/ HIV awareness CD-ROM that is localised to the countries we work in. It helps educate and raise awareness about AIDS through an interactive multimedia platform designed to break down prejudices and promote Respect and educate lifestyle choices.

Thank you everyone and enjoy the Christmas break. We hope to see you again in the New Year.