P1140007.JPGA common question asked by donors is what happens to their computer when it is taken in by Camara?

It’s simple. Camara runs a few main steps for all computers donated:

1. Firstly we wipe all data off the computer to U.S Department of Defence standards. Specialised software ensures that all of your information is impossible to recover by third parties.
2. We test the computer and make sure that it meets our minimum specification and we will upgrade and fix it if necessary to ensure that it will perform when it gets to an African school.
3. We load our specialised CAMARABUNTU operating system which is specifically designed to aid education in schools.

314.jpgEach computer is tracked from our workshops in Belfast and Dublin to their donor schools in coutries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Uganda and Zambia. Each computer sent is another library of information and a tool to provide empowerment through education to a student in Africa.

If you would like to donate your computer, please click here.