Ubuntu and Edubuntu will release its next long term support (LTS) edition of the popular Linux distribution in April 2008. This is according to Mark Shuttleworth who was speaking at the Ubuntu Live conference in Portland, Oregon yesterday.

The LTS versions of Ubuntu and Edubuntu are supported for a longer time period than the usual six-month releases, which make them more popular with business customers and for schools who require supported documentation.

The first LTS release was Ubuntu 6.06. Shuttleworth said that it was the company’s hope to continue releasing the LTS versions “approximately every two years”. If the next LTS release happens on schedule, it will follow this goal. (The 6.06 release was two months late to prepare it for LTS status).

This regular two-year cycle should help establish Ubuntu and Edubuntu as more of an enterprise player, reports Linux Today’s Brian Proffitt.

Shuttleworth also repeated his call for other open source and free software projects to move to a regular cycle of releases, similar to Ubuntu and the GNOME Project. Shuttleworth made this call initially at the recent Linux Kernel Summit, citing that regular predictable cycles will make open software applications more palatable to customers and outside software vendors.

Source: http://www.tectonic.co.za in South Africa