Landed at Entebbe Airport at 7:30am after a long but uneventful flight on BA. More importantly my bags also arrived on the same flight which was an unexpected bonus.

Managed to bum a lift with Steven (an Englishman who is building a large tourist lodge in Fort Portal) who was there to pick up his Dad, and Trisha, an American working in Fort Portal – more about Trisha later! We all stopped for lunch in the ‘Backpackers Hostel” in Kampala – probably the place to stay if you are on a small budget and want to meet other Europeans traveling around Africa (is that who you really want to meet?). Lunch was ordered immediately and one hour later the first dish arrived, at which time they started to cook the second dish. Those Camara Volunteers who stayed in Backpackers last year will know what I mean!

While the others went on to Fort Portal, I stayed in Kampala to meet our good friend Sandy from the Kabaka Foundation. Sandy, who had looked after all the Camara volunteers last year while they were in Uganda, had lost a bit of weight and was looking very well – but he sends his regards to everyone. On to the Muteesa II – Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education to see the Camara computer lab in operation. Did all ours computers still had Edubuntu? Not a chance, but on the bright side the lab was being actively used by both students and teachers.