Camara and Harambee College (hence Ha + mara) have teamed up to establish a computer refurbishment and training centre in Adama, about 60 miles south east of Addis. Until a new premises can be built the hub will be located in a small compound on the out skirts of the town which is currently under construction (see photo below).

Feyissa is an Ethiopian business man who operates a number of private teacher training colleges and is president of the Oromic Chamber of Commerce. He was also the first person in Africa to receive Camara computers back in 2005. One of the few negatives aspects of Ethiopia I have discovered is the wide spread sense of dependency among people – “What can you do for me?” Feyissa is different. His attitude is ‘What can I do for others?’. In my mind he is one of the true heroes of Ethiopia, he creates businesses and employment and is super efficient at getting things done in a country that is notorious for its bureaucracy. It is this attitude which has convinced Camara to work with him in setting up the Ethiopian Digital Hub.