Tuesday morning went looking for the lost Camara container. It had left Djibouti last Thursday and normally would have taken 3 days to reach Addis where it would clear customs. This was now six days later and no contact had been made. There were a number of possible scenarios: 1) The container had broken down on the way and was waiting to be fixed; 2) The container had been stolen; 3) The container had not actually left Djibouti but was still lying in the port waiting to be cleared – most likely scenario; 4) the container had reached Addis safely but the trans-shippers had not yet recorded it.

As of the time of going to press the container had still not been located so anyone reading this blog who sees the missing container please contact Camara. It is 40 foot long painted bright green and Camara written in black letters six feet high. It is not hard to miss.