Camara is an Irish charity committed to improving education in sub-Saharan Africa through the use of technology. We take in second hand computers from organisations, refurbish them in our workshops in Dublin, Belfast and Tralee and ship them out to schools in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.

Your working computers will facilitate education in some of the poorest countries in the world rather than being destroyed and dumped in Irish landfills.

Camara offers a complete service to companies, multinationals and government departments replacing their hardware. We are experts in end-of-life IT asset management, including data destruction, computer refurbishment, reuse and recycling.

Donating your computers to Camara guarantees compliance with all Irish legislation, including the WEEE directive, Data Protection Act and Environment Act.

Our donors to date have included PWC, AIB, GE Money and well as SME’s, local authorities, central government departments and educational institutions.

Ask yourself the following questions about your current PC decommissioning process:

Is your PC decommissioning service cost-effective?
Are you using cutting-edge software that guarantees the destruction of all confidential data?
Are you sure that none of your IT equipment is ending up in a landfill?
What proportion of your computers are going to charity?
Are you getting and CSR or publicity benefits?
Are you helping educate teachers and students in African schools?

All computer equipment donated to Camara has its data wiped and is refurbished to a standard that ensures a long second life in a school in Africa as a teaching aid.

pdf icon Letter from UCD Cybercrime department confirming our data destruction methods
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Please view the PC Donations section on our website or contact Eoghan ( / 01 4433751 / 085 7392268) for more details.