Traveled down to Masaka, a town approximately 120km west of Kampala. The Kabaka Foundation is helping to establish a university in the town, Muteesa II University named after an historical Kabaka. Toured the University and then visited a number of secondary schools in the town. The first, St Henry’s is run by a Catholic order of brothers and is one of the top boys schools in Uganda – it has 1,000 students and 25 computers, 1 computer for every 40 boys. The average Irish ratio is 1 computer for every 10 students and still we complain.

The second was a government school, Masaka Secondary School which had 3,500 students and 10 new Pentium IV machines – I’ll let you do the maths!

After the schools we visited Duncan who is a good friend of Sandy (with whom he played cricket for Uganda) and who runs a church and supports an orphans program in the town. Duncan and his English wife high-lighted the problem of canning in Ugandan schools – girls of 18 being canned by male principals over small disciplinary infractions. No one complains because everyone is desperate to remain in school.