Concert Extravaganza – Africa 2008 Fundraising Event
(Organised by Mary Dooner – Zambia Team)

Date: Friday 13th June 2008 @ 8.00pm
Location: Madison Pub, Rathmines
Tickets: €10.00

This is one of Ireland’s up and coming and outstanding rock bands. This group all the way from Bulgaria performs like any of our own renowned bands such as The Cranberries, The Corrs and U2. They have received many national and international awards. Yet still unsigned it won’t be for long.

The Tripps
This band is a rarity today due to its psychedelic hippy trippy seventies sound. The male and female duet is building a fan base around the country and have just launched their second EP.

Jimmy Cullen
Jimi Cullen’s music could be described as contemporary folk due to the influence of alternative garage, indie and rap. However, some like to coin it as “topical folk” due to his well articulated lyrics about today’s society. His latest album “When the last leaf falls” achieves that distinctive combination which makes it a classic.

Joe Dunne
Joe Dunne’s compositions are a unique blend of folk with tradition which is greatly influenced by his involvement with the roots and trad scene around the city. He is well known for his weekly Wednesday night performances in the Blue Light bar on the top of the south Dublin hills which are said to be legendary

The Long Knives
This Indie band launched their album of diverse tracks in May. The lead vocalist Niall O’Riordan has a strong stage presence and is complimented by a backing vocalist Caroline McGrath