Departure day is approaching and the days are flying by. It is hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done – for work, for camara and at home – so I am making lists and crossing things off but adding things on also… I’m sure it will be all right on the night as they say.

Looking forward to the team meeting this week and the update from Cormac on the plans for Kenya. Hopefully everyone can make it. The problem with Tommys visa is a concern. Eoghan is trying his contacts at the Embassy tomorrow so fingers crossed they can find a solution to the issue. It would be an awful shame for him if he can’t travel due to not having 6 months on his passport.

I hope to get into the workshop on Saturday (after the Australia v Ireland match at 8am!) to practice on the software as we are not getting the laptops till later this month and I need to be more familiar with the software. We are also doing another training meeting / dry run on Tuesday next so it is coming together but would like to be further advanced on that side. That’s it for now.


Team Kenya