Time is growing so short now that there is no choice but to really get to grips with preparing lessons and reading up on what’s ahead.

Yesterday evening our group got together to consider the practicalities of getting from Dar Es Salaam to Tanga or to Mwanza or to Songea. There are huge distances involved and the possibility of taking to the sky is one solution for one or other of the more distant centres.

Today I downloaded all the more recent pages sent by Eoghan giving advice on the best approach to teaching IT and the schedules we might follow. There’s lots to do what with the Comhlámh Volunteer Charter and the Skillbuilders and the Dtalk next week.

Tomorrow there’s the opportunity to practise our Swahili from about 11.00 am onwards. An hour on the language followed by general chat. This session is open to the Kenyan and Ugandan volunteers as well as anyone else who wants to come along. Having studied the maps it appears that Swahili may not be as useful in Rwanda as it would be much further south in Burundi.

Anyway, that’s my first attempt at a “blog” so I’ll finish with Kwa heri ya kuonana = Slán go fóill = Goodbye until the next time!