I’m Doireann and I’m a team coordinator for this year’s Tanzania team. Our departure date is fast approaching! There is so much to do and so little time!!!
I was delighted to get my hardware exam done today even though there was a minor glitch or two 🙂 For some unknown reason the computer wouldn’t recognise that I had put in and connected the CD drive, third time lucky it finally responded. I felt like robbing and hiding its bios battery 🙂 ( I didn’t in the end so don’t blame me if it goes missing)
I experienced what has become my first Camara anecdote last week when I went to get my vaccinations. To say I have an aversion to needles is a mild statement, but I was brave and thought of how worth it it would be to get them. I didn’t even cry (much). The nurse got an awful fright after she had finished with me because I went so white in the face so quickly, she made me lie down and rest. Luckily and embarrassingly, I had dragged my younger sister with me to hold my hand so she was there to look after me. We walked about 100yards back up the IFSC when I went all light headed again and passed out on the path!!!!!! Mortification!!!! I am proud to announce that there were no dramas or tears when I went for my booster.
I bought a few bits and pieces on Capel street this afternoon and got things like a mosquito net and travel towel etc. Things are beginning to come together and my rucksack is slowly being packed.
I’ll be in Dar es Salaam before I know it.
Kwa heri!

Team Tanzania