Flashes of lightning are illuminating the sky as the boom of thunder
roll toward us. It’s nearing midnight here in Adama (aka Nazret) in
our new home for the next 2 and a half weeks – the Bekele Molla hotel
(prounced “Beka-Le-Malla”). It’s a nice place – the staff are getting
used to us at this stage – and everyone has their own room, and their
own space. For the Laura and myself (Green Team Ethiopia
coordinators), today, the fist teaching day, was a mixture of hard
work from last week paying off and of winging it when unexpected
situations popped up – such as there being no electricity in our main
teaching lab! Special mention has to go to Aoife, Nóinín, and Dylan,
who managed to engage a class of twenty about computer theory, despite
having no electricity. They mixed in a few other things to keep people
entertained – I’m reliably informed that their Ethiopian students know
more about the Irish constitution than the average Irish person!!
On Monday, I got to do my first ever TV interview! Possibly also my
last ever… Laura, Donal, Miriam, and myself were all interviewed for
Ethiopia TV (ETV, Ethiopias national public TV service) and for Oromia
TV (the local TV service). We got about 5 minutes notice that we would
be interviewed and had even less time to prepare for the actual
questions. We were asked mostly about what Camara does and who we are,
and also to give special messages to the Ethiopian people. I think I
spoke so fast that they probably couldn’t have used my interview! Fair
play to Donal, who talked for so long in response to the first
question that they didn’t ask him any more questions! I didn’t get a
chance to see it but I’m told we were on ETV at midday yesterday –
anybody catch it?!?

The storm sounds like it’s moving ever closer to us so it can’t be
long before a torrential downpour starts. The joys of visiting
Ethiopia in July – I asked a taxi man on Saturday if it would rain
that day and got a very straight and simple answer – “yes”. As for
when it would rain… well, that would happen when it happened…Last
nights storm would have been spectacular – except that it passed
through at 3.30am – out of 22 of us staying here, just 2 managed to
sleep through it. They must have amazing earplugs! Must borrow some
for myself… Oiche mhaith,

Cormac Sheridan