Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that, unfortunately, the mobile phone network is down here in Ethiopia. I spoke to some people from Ethiopia Telecom yesterday and they said that the opitcal fibre cable had been cut in Debre Zeyit (about half way between here and Addis). I’m not certain of the effect throughout the country but the effect here in Adama is that it is almost impossible to make or receive phone calls. We can recieve text messages, and we can (sometimes) send text messages. Usually, this is followed by a celebratory dance and a quiet prayer of thanks…

For those who need to text, our numbers are as follows:
Cormac: 00251912234793
Laura: 00251911195446
Donal: 00251913247388
Miriam: 00251911840133
Green Team (shared mobile): 00251912234797
We’ll happy to pass on any messages to the team here.

I’m told the best people are working to fix the problem and that it should be solved soon. When I heard that, I was reminded of something a hotel owner said when I asked if the rooms had hot water: “Is possible. In Ethiopia, anything is possible!”