Choose tibbs. Choose high altitude and amazing scenery. Choose the Bekele Molla. Choose bringing your own toilet paper everywhere. Choose Hamara Hub. Choose smiling faces. Choose Birr. Choose ordering your breakfast the night before. Choose wonderful coffee. Choose to be welcomed warmly into such a diverse culture. Choose talking cat. Choose living on Italian food and soup. Choose San George. Choose Feyissa. Choose the morning call to prayer as an alarm clock. Choose Dioralyte. Choose Greens and Reds. Choose Sodore Hot Springs. Choose Sunblock. Choose Camara t-shirts. Choose thunder storms. Choose “Faranji”. Choose to be challenged in every way possible. Choose Indian music. Choose Getoo. Choose that everything is possible. Choose Double-Clicking. Choose network problems. Choose to learn a new language for every region you visit. Choose the spectacular Great Rift Valley. Choose to teach a little but learn alot. Choose Camara.