To all Camara friends coming to the Dun Laoghaire World Music Festival this weekend

Please come by and visit us at the Camara stand. We will be there from 12pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday. There is North African Mint Tea being served all day at the Electric Souk and we will be talking about Camara, amidst bellydancers, sitar players and other world citizens.

If you have any time to spare, it would be great if spend any time you had, with your Camara tshirt on and golden tans, talking to interested people passing by.

We are also hoping to encourage people to bring along any old mice they have at home, so please email any of your friends who are going to the festival and encourage them to bring their mice!

We are at the Harbour Place at PORT WHOOPPEE in Dun Laoghaire. Google map it here.