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I’m delighted that Camara.ie has been short listed for 3 different categories for the Irish Web Awards!

And the categories are:

  • Most Useful Website
  • Best Technology Website
  • Best Education Website

This statistic always flabbergasts me… Did you know that businesses and individuals in Ireland will throw out over 1 million working computers over the next 5 years? Camara, a charity, was founded by Cormac Lynch to use these computers by refurbishing and shipping them to schools and colleges in Africa. Camara and it’s volunteers also create free software and resources for the computers and once a year around 50 volunteers trip to countries in Africa and train teachers in basic computer skills that can then be passed onto students of all ages. So far Camara has shipped 7680 computers to Africa and trained 1000’s of teachers in computer skills.

I started working with Camara as a volunteer in 2006 and my first project was to redesign and develop the website. Myself, Des McDonnell and Eoghan Cosby worked on it slavishly for many months but the end result has been well worth all the effort – I am so proud to have worked on this with the Camara team. The website continues to evolve of course and is updated frequently by Camara staff and volunteers.
The Website Features:

A blog – which I’m glad to say is updated very regularly and features not only latest Camara news but also the online journals of the Volunteers teams in Africa.

– An in depth resources section that really shows how dedicated Camara are to providing real solutions in education for African colleges and schools. All educational material and resources created by Camara and it’s volunteers is loaded onto the computers destined for Africa and are all available for free under the GNULicense. Resources include computer skills, lesson plans, educational media, Camarabuntu Linux with more stuff being developed all the time.

Google Maps – google maps are used to pin point the locations of the Camara Hubs and Labs across sub Saharan Africa. There are some exciting plans afoot to take the use of the google maps a step further…

Events Calendar – keeping the volunteers abreast of upcoming events like next shipments etc.

Media – The media section features a bunch of videos by volunteers of their experiences as volunteers.

Please visit Camara.ie and check out the website. And of course if you have any old PCs in the attic or in your office please do the right thing and donate them to Camara!