Today is Blog Action Day for 2008 and the theme this year is poverty. The idea behind the Blog Action Day is that 1000’s of bloggers across the globe will unite to discuss poverty in someway and in doing so “raise awareness, start a global discussion and add momentum to an important cause”.

It’s perhaps ironic that today many of us will be contemplating our own poverty as we face a global recession, further compounded by the recent tough budget. Admist all the gloomy projections of lowering house prices, job losses and the return of the annual holiday, it’s amusing to hear some commentators cheering on the downturn as a sure fire way for us to finally end the frenzied spending of the last decade and drop back down to reality.

Let’s not forget that much of the world’s people survive on less then $2.00 a day, watch their children die of preventable diseases, have no hope of an education, endure corrupt governments and fear for their children’s future. Whilst a down turn here in Ireland might mean that we make the effort to take pack lunches to work, a down turn in other parts of the world may mean that you can no longer afford to send your children to school or much worse.

The Irish are renowned worldwide for their generosity especially the charitable kind. Hopefully this recession though will not see a big drop in charity donations as our disposable income decreases and we tighten our belts.

For everybody who is lucky enough to get a new computer for your home of office in the next few months, please consider that the “old” one can provide an education to someone in Africa, it can be an encyclopaedia in a school with no books, a training resource for a teacher with weak skills, an interactive awareness tool for AIDS/HIV.

There is only a few months left though this year, please consider giving the gift of education.

Link – Blog Action Day