Wednesday November 19th – Mombasa

Camara is moving its Mombasa hub from Sheikh Khalifa School to the Mombasa Industrial Training Centre (MITC, and this was my first visit to the place. This centre was built 30 years ago by the Danes who clearly had very ambitious plans and a lot of money to spend on constructing a large European-style ‘campus’ However like many ambitious projects in Africa the place has fallen somewhat into disrepair. However, with the appointment of new dynamic management
from Nairobi (Joseph Kiratu and Mwangi Muheria) its fortunes have started to change, as can be seen from their willingness to attract Camara to the centre. MITC provides training in car mechanics, refrigeration (the only one in East Africa apparently), air condition maintenance and carpentry – no better place to have a computer refurbishment centre than in the middle of this. With the help of local labourers and volunteers, Farid Ali (Camara’s Technical Director in Mombasa) is transforming a large warehouse into a fully functional
computer workshop and with a full container of 450 computers already on the high seas they are up against a tight deadline to get the facility ready. An interesting side note is that two of the labourers currently working on the construction have applied to participate as volunteers in Camara’s computer refurbishment and
maintenance program once it gets started – the chance to learn new skills and potentially develop a better livelihood are strong motivating factors for many in the population…