Thursday November 20th – Mombasa/Malindi

Had a pleasant chat with Fr Sean McGovern, a Holy Ghost father who has been in Kenya for the past 42 years. According to Fr Sean, over 100 years ago a Bishop, and three priests (from France and Germany) set up base in Mombasa then traveled by boat up river to set up a mission with one of the inland tribes, the Galana. Two of the priests died within the first year but their efforts were enough to gain a foothold
in the area. At its height, The Holy Ghost fathers had over eighty priests in Kenya, all from Ireland. Today only 15 remain however their ranks have been swelled by some 50 Kenyan Holy Ghost fathers. Fr Sean had asked for computers for a school (run by Fr David Conway) in a remote area of Kenyan, Pokot that is only accessible by the army and missionaries (his words!). If some of our corporate donors (you know who you are) spot this email we are eagerly awaiting delivery of 20 of your laptops so we can send out to the Holy Ghosts to establish the very first computer lab in this remote area of Kenya.

For those associated with Blackrock College please note that Fr Sean is a ex-student and teacher and was there in 1960 when it celebrated its 100th birthday. 48 years on I can attest that he is still going strong and looking forward to its 150th anniversary in 2010.

Travel Tips 2 – Malindi is a beautiful tourist destination on the Indian Ocean, situated about 1 ½ hours drive North of Mombasa. During the low tourist season it is frequented largely by aging Germans and retirees from the Italian mafia which gives it a some what seedy reputation. However it has a restaurant called ‘Old Man and the Sea’ where for 6 euros you can get a meal of Kingfish and coconut rice that you will remember for the rest of your life.