Last Wednesday, Nov 26th, a Kenyan ICDL Representative landed at Bole International Airport Addis Ababa, at 6:45 AM he was whisked down to Adama to begin an intensive programme. Ethiopia as yet does not offer International Computer Drivers License (ICDL, ECDL in Europe) testing or training. Camara want to be able to offer this international qualification and at a locally affordable rate.

The ICDL rep Etinick Mutinda had said that he would need 10 days to administer tests and conduct a site inspection, in an attempt to keep costs some way manageable he was given 4 days. The Technical Director of Hamara Eyob and Technical Coordinator Tecca were then tested in all 7 modules of ICDL core. Both of them as expected received top marks and passed with flying colours. After training, site inspection, software installation and a very lengthy discussion about pricing, the ICDL programme was completed. It now only remains for the centre to be accredited by the Licensee in South Africa.
Therefore Hamara Digial Hub ICDL Centre should be opening its doors for business in the next week. Another first for Camara, we are now the sole providers for ICDL training and Testing in Ethiopia. Unfortunately at present the gulf between what ICDL charge and what a local teacher earns here is too vast. Therefore in order for this project to be truly beneficial it Camara will need to raise funds so that we can subsidise the costs incurred to local teachers and ideally ICDL would refrain from charging the same rates here as it does in more developed African countries i.e. South Africa as there is a complete discrepancy between the two countries in terms of disposable income!

This was a major step for Camara, Hamara and our Ethiopian Operation. We would hope to have ICDL centres up and running in our Kenyan and Ugandan Hub in the very near future.

Donal Fitzpatrick.