Wednesday November 26th – Adama/Addis Ababa

Most of the morning was spent with Feyissa and Eyob Girma (the
Technical Director of Hamara) talking about corporate governance, the
need to find a permanent CEO, pricing of the computers and what type
of after-market support we were providing to the schools. Eyob (who
has an Msc in Computer Science from Addis Ababa University) mentioned
that some of the machines we had sent over in the last batch had not
met our minimum spec., so it seems we need to keep improving our
quality control back in Dublin.

We then headed up to Addis and spent the time on the phone trying to
book a budget hotel for the night as we definitely weren’t staying in
the Taitu again after the robbery from Donal’s room. As we reached
the city, the best Farangi (foreigner) price we could get was $50 per
night bed & breakfast, compared to the $15 we typically paid in the
Taitu.. Myself and Donal had a long hard look at each other,
investigated how comfortable the seats on the van would be to sleep on
and then decided to given the Taitu one last chance – but they better
not screw up this time. I sent a somewhat sheepish Donal in to carry
out the negotiations and so we returned to the ‘best value hotel’ in
all of Africa.