Saturday November 29th – Kampala

As we don’t yet have an office in Kampala (I wonder if Traidlinks or
Tullow would have a spare desk?), most of our meetings today were held
in Kampala’s many and varied restaurants where we consumed copious
amounts of food and drinks all in the name of development.

First up was breakfast with Busiku Herbert, Country Manager for
Computers for Africa (, a US NGO from Omaha
Nebraska who have been doing similar work to Camara in the Northern
part of Uganda since 2000. We have promised to share all our
educational content with them and maybe work together to localise our
‘RESPECT’ HIV/AIDS e-learning tool (free to down load from our
website) for the Ugandan market. I had an egg and bacon sandwich.

Lunch (a very nice ‘spicy’ Indian) was with Dixon Karani of ICDL
Africa who is helping us establish an ICDL Testing Centre in our
Ugandan Hub. The ECDL Foundation in Dublin have been huge supporters
of ours in terms of trying to make ICDL available to the wider masses
in Africa. Both our organisations believe that greater digital
literacy is essential to improving the educational system in Africa,
and ECDL’s (E stands for ‘European’ and I stands for ‘International’)
commitment and flexibility are the principal reasons why this year we
will open three African testing centres aimed primarily at teachers (I
won’t embarrass John Keating by publicly mentioning his name in this

Afternoon tea was with Sandy Kizito, a representative of the Kabaka
Foundation. The Kabaka is the king of the Buganda region (the largest
in Uganda and the region where Kampala is located), and we have been
sending computers to theFoundation’s school for the pass three years.
They have asked for 100 additional machines but as we explained we
still need to do site visits to make sure the schools had suitable
facilities (proper electricity, security, furniture etc) before we
could release them. Sandy is well known for having been a feared
bowler on the Ugandan cricket team in his day.

I ended the day with a margarita, a beer, chicken fajitas and
strawberry cheese cake (in that order) at a local Mexican restaurant
called Lotus Mexicana. We were joined by a number of local techies –
Simon Vass coordinator of a Ugandan Linux group and advisor to
Trisha on all things open source and Jon Gosier who among other things
organises ‘Bar Camps’ at Makerere University (Uganda’s largest and
most prestigious university). A ‘Bar Camp’ is an American invention
(see the following link for more details). If any IT
company would like to sponsor a Bar Camp in our Fort Portal Hub please