Sunday November 30th – Kampala/Entebbe/Kigali

Got to the airport early to find I was not booked on the Kigali flight
and the flight was full (as was the next one). The alternative to
flying was to get the 1:00am bus from Kampala which could take up to
16 hours to arrive. Fortunately however 30 minutes before the flight
was due to depart they decided to issue me with a ticket as a
passenger hadn’t shown up – that’ll be US$214 one-way please, in cash!
Unfortunately I didn’t have the dollars so I had to race to the
Bureau De Change (Why does this keep happening to me?) where I changed
whatever Euros, Sterling, Ugandan Shillings and Kenyan Shillings I had
left. Raced back to the counter, got the ticket, barged through
passport control (it was now take off time) to find everyone still
sitting calmly waiting for the gate to open. So now the only money I
have left is Ethiopian Birr and a £20 Northern Ireland note that no
one wants but its OK because some one is meeting me at the airport and
I can always get some cash from the ATM on arrival. Of course no
one is there to meet me (they’re 200kms not having received my texts)
and there is no ATM. I check through the pockets of my spare trousers
and find enough Kenyan Shillings to get me to the City Centre where
none of the ATMs seem to want to accept any of my 3 credit cards. So
I’m writing this in my hotel room (told them I would pay later) eating
the last of my mints and with that £20 Northern Ireland note burning
at hole in my pocket.