I am Mark Fox. I started working in Camara in early January. My role is to keep the supply line of second hand computers humming into Camara – and thats where we need the help of all volunteers and Camara advocates.  In 2008 Camara sent 5,022 computers to African schools (a fantastic achievement in its own right) but in 2009 the target has stepped up to 7,500.  Here’s how you can help.

Tell your work colleagues, neighbours, family and friends about the wonderful IT recycling for reuse service that Camara provides. Spread the good news and tell all employers that our ReuseIT’ is a highly secure computer decommissioning and recycling service – so secure that we meet the US Department of Defence standards.  All employers get certification to verify total data destruction.  Of equal importance tell employers that we offer our recycling service at the lowest price in the market while maintaining the highest quality of service delivery.

We also have another service called ‘SecureIT’ where we will come on site and destroy the hard drives and take the computer hardware away back to our workshop for refurbishment.  No one else in the market offers this end to end service of on site data destruction followed by reuse for education.

So go on tell me you can help Camara reach 7,500 computers for dispatch to Africa in 2009 and put me in touch with contacts who need to recycle computer hardware.  And of course don’t forget to drop in your own second hand computers to us in 10-13 Thomas Street with a €20 contribution. Remeber it costs Camara €50 to refurbish and ship each computer to a school in Africa.

Please give your support.