My name is DAVID (DAUDI) MORARA OKIOMA. I am the new CEO of the Camara Kenya digital hub in Mombasa. We have been operational at the MITC HUB for two weeks now.
The hub  was built between October 2008 and end of january 2009.
From 13-02-2009 the hub started training activities, mostly on volunteer induction training . From 18-02-09 we started training on computer refurbishment activities and as I write this blog we have 96 computers all ready to be collected by schools.
I have been with Jon Muni and Jeanne Gallagher, two volunteers from Ireland, for the last week.
Jon trained 6 volunteers on Internet basics, Ip addresses, networking, and setting up a firewall (IP COP) which the Kenya hub is now using for web Filtering and security.He also installed application software on our computers and also did repairs on various computers successfully. Jeanne worked very closely with me on our accounting sytems spreadsheets and she was tremendously helpful and effective.

Ciaran Casey, has also spent the last week in the hub, working on Monitoring and Evaluation with myself and Farid Ali, Kenya’s technical director. He trained us and three volunteers on Camara’s M&E systemand we have now appointed Mr Athman Ngala as the Hub M&E officer.

On Monday, Ciaran, Farid Ali, Athman Ngala and Ali Swadri proceeded to Ganjoni Primary School and Star of the Sea School to apply the M&E skills they had been shown and also carry out a real M&E Exercise.

It has been fantastic having John and Jeanne assisting us this week, and Ciaran. We very much look forward to working with the Camara Summer Team 2009.