What a day.  It started out at 8am with a need to get 200 cables for the container going out with the 10,000th computer.   Eoghan delegated it to me when he realised he was swamped by the need to do a 100 other things.  We needed those cables as without them it could potentially cost thousands of euros extra if customs officials found out in an inspection that we had sent partial products.  Having got the keys for the less than pristine Camara van, I turned the ignition and got nada response.  Temporary panic set in but was offset by Eoghan suggestion to use jump leads.  We had to wait 45 minutes for a car to connect the jump leads and after several failed attempts decided to call in Brody Sweeneys brother who has a garage nearby for a replacement battery. At 11.45 John Naughton and I hit the road looking for the Department of Social and Family Affairs.  Convinced we were lost and seeking divine intervention, John instead grasped his mobile to call Alan (our regular driver). He was on another mission and could not take the call. Then out of the blue we found our collection location but time was still tight. We got 2 boxes of almost new leads but needed more from across town in Kildare Street. On the next leg of the journey to the Department of Agriculture, I realised that the fuel gauge was at E for empty but there was not a petrol station for miles in the opposite direction.  John gave me a short cut through Kilmainham’s convoluted back streets and urged me to keep going past The Digital Hub.  I had visions of us breaking down in College Green surrounded by angry motorists in traffic chaos, unsympathetic Garda Siochana officials and Camara making the news for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully instead we found a massive trawl of cable leads in the Department of Agriculture and having sweated out the last leg of the journey with practically no fuel in the tank we made it back to camp base for 1.30pm.  Jim and Eoghan promptly packed the leads contents in the container and we were ready for Eamon Ryan at 2pm to pack the 10,000th computer. Everything was a doddle after that and the event could not have gone more smoothly. I put it all down to one thing – the remarkable teamwork and esprit de corps of everyone associated with Camara.  Here is to getting the next  90,000 computers.

Mark Fox – Computer Reuse Manager