Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped pack over 430 computers into a container last Thursday which will be shipped to our partnering Hub in Mombasa in Kenya. It will arrive in 6-8 weeks. The cargo onboard will provide 18 schools with fully equipped computers labs which means over 7,000 students will have access to a computer this year. Teachers will be able to teach using the latest encyclopaedias as reference and use Office tools for classroom management.

Camara would like to also say a special thanks to the private donors of computers and to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Dublin Business School and UPS who gave equipment in the past weeks.

We will be tracking their computers to schools and monitoring the impact that computers which are reused before eventual recycling are having on the lives of those who simply would not be able to afford a computer under normal circumstances.

If you have a computer and want to give it a second life in a school, please use Camara’s secure computer reuse services. Visit for more information.