The latest release of Camarabuntu brings the best open source technologies together on one platform. We would like to thank all of the volunteers especially Patrick Doherty who helped tweak the Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) to suit the requirements of schools in Africa. Constant improvements, feature additions and extended machine and network support explain why this operating system wins more converts with every release.

Some of the improvements include:

Browsing: Includes Mozilla’s Firefox 3 as the default browser. Faster, safer and themed browsing for users.

Accessibility: At the core of the Camarabuntu philosophy is the belief that computing is for everyone and access should be free and complete whatever your economic or physical circumstances. Camarabuntu is one of the most accessible desktop operating systems around.

Word processing. offers a familiar, easy-to-use word-processing experience. With a range of short-cuts to help improve your productivity, along with all the basic tools you need, can help you produce professional-quality documentation. Fully compatible with Microsoft Word (TM), users can save documents as .doc or .pdf. Separately, there is a reader for PDFs so you can accommodate all your favourite formats. New features include collaboration on documents, enhanced note-making features and improved zoom features so you can see where you are more easily on long documents.

Microsoft Word (TM) save as .doc as a simple option.

Spreadsheets. Not always a fun tool but definitely an essential one, the Calc is feature-rich. It provides access to the full range of tricks and time-saving techniques that you have built up over the years. Display your data in easy-to-build charts or build your own macros for the advanced user – it’s the rich experience you have come to know. Open Office 3.0 offers chart enhancements, 1024 column support, an improved icon set, and you can also collaborate on spreadsheets through a sharing feature that allows multiple contributions while minimising version-control issues. It’s the only full-featured spreadsheet you will ever need.


Presentations. Colourful, animated, projected, powerful, simple – whatever impact you are looking for, the presentation builder in will help you achieve it. Import images, handle multiple fonts, transition between slides, play multimedia – your presentations will not lack the wow factor. And, it’s completely compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (TM).