Wednesday 24th June – Adama/Addis

Ethiopian Board Meeting
Even though Feyissa is a very successful business man, the idea of a western style board of governance is not a familiar concept in Ethiopia so Trisha has spent the last couple of days working with him on the Hub’s Board structure and procedures for governance of the Hub.

The Board now consists of Trisha (Chairperson and secretary), Ato Feyissa (Vice Chair) and Ato Dagnachew (Treasurer) – I sat in today as an observer.  As Board meetings go it was very rewarding. Why? Well I got more information from Eyob (operations) and Feyissa (finance) in that 2 hour meeting than I had got in a whole year of emails and poor quality phone calls. I learnt exactly how many schools had got computers (too few), how many computers were sitting in the Hub waiting to be fixed (too many) and how much the Hub was charging for the computers (too much). While the news was not always positive at least we had some concrete numbers to work around. One major theme which came from he meeting was the Hub’s desperate need for additional capital to help build its operations. I fear this will be a common theme throughout my trip but with the current economic squeeze in Ireland not one that can be easily addressed.

Press-ups 220, Situps 250 (Body very sore from yesterday – must have over done it!)