Sunday June 22nd – Addis Ababa

Things start slowly
Things always start slowly in Africa, for me at least. It usually takes at least a week for my mind to adjust to the slower rhythm of life here. Actions and deadlines don’t seem to have the same sense of urgency as they do in Ireland – maybe its because things aren’t expected to change as quickly here.  Its been 6 months since I was back and I’m eager to see how some of the existing Hubs have been getting on and how some of the newer Hubs are developing.

The overnight flight from London lands at 8am, Ethiopian time and after a short taxi ride through Addis I arrive at the faded glory of the Taitu Hotel. The Taitu now has a new website and although the rooms have not changed much over the years the website has allowed them to significantly increase their prices and soon it will be out of the range of Camara’s budget.
Later that evening I picked my traveling companion Trisha Olsson up from the airport. Trisha is the new Director of Camara Africa having spent an eventful 12 months getting our Ugandan Hub in shape. From running a country to running a continent in one year – career progression is dramatic in Camara!