Saturday 27th June – Ndola

Meeting the Zambian Team
Busy morning of meetings – Fr Nicholas at 8:30am, Paul Kangwa, our manager in Ndola, at 9:30am and Sr Lucia an administrator in the local girls school at 10:30am. Paul is responsible for organising our ICT training program which is due to start in 1 week – still a good bit to do for our two team coordinators Frank and Katherine who arrive on Monday. We do stress before our teams come out to be positive and flexible when working in Africa and I suspect these two will need it in abundance over the next 5 weeks.

With Fr Nicholas and Sr Lucia most of the time was spent trying to explain the ‘Camara Model’. For those who don’t know, the ‘Model’ is to establish each Hub as a ‘stand alone Social Enterprise’. That is, an organisation that is run as an efficient business but whose main priority is to serve the community. In simple terms make enough money to keep the Hub going and developing but not so much that people are getting rich from it. Lets hope the concept is understood.
Took a stroll to downtown Ndola with Paul for some lunch. Zambia is in the cold season at present so the temperature was around 20C, with a slight breeze and sunny clear skies. Zambia is often referred to by seasoned missionaries as ‘Africa Light’. Those who have done their tour of duty in some of the harsher countries like Nigeria get sent to Zambia to end their careers. Pleasant climate, good roads and plumbing (courtesy of the British) and low crime makes it an idea place for retirement.

Press-ups 250, Sit-ups 250, bicep curls 100