Monday June 29th – Ndola

Met our Zambian lawyer Chanda Chileshe in the morning and agreed to start applying for charitable status and a tax clearance number for Camara. Chanda had been recommended by Fr Anthony Kelly a SMA priest working in Ndola and apart from a little bit of misunderstanding about fees (common with lawyers the world over) and the fact he speaks with a very distinctive English accent he has done great work for us in setting up Camara Zambia.
Myself and Fr Nicholas were then meant to travel to Kitwe in afternoon but instead spent the time unloading our container. Rather than pay the extra $300 to hire a crane to pickup the container (as our friendly Clearing Agent wanted – see entry for Friday 26th June) we paid $50 to a driver and 4 men to physically load a truck and make several runs from the depot to the Cathedral. They were delighted with the work, we got our computers and our Clearing Agent will never be engaged by Camara again.
At 8pm went to meet Frank and Katherine, Camara’s two coordinators for the Zambian training team. They had taken a 5 hour bus trip from Lusaka (after a grueling 24 hours from Dublin) and to say they were thirsty when they got of the bus was an understatement. I felt a little bit guilty having taken the 45 minute flight up from Lusaka a couple of days earlier but I consoled myself with knowing they had seen more of the country than I had.

Press-ups 0, Situps 0, Bicep curls 0 (Another day of rest but I did help unload the container)