On the evening of Saturday 12th of June, in Dublin, the team of 12 of us who are travelling to Lesotho this July, had the pleasure to met with the Ambassador to Lesotho, her excellency Mrs Mannete Ramaili. The ambassador was an excellent, warm host to us, providing us with information, refreshments and giving us the opportunity to ask questions about our forthcoming visit to her country.

She spoke eloquently about her country, situated as an enclave in South Africa, with a population of approx 2 million people living in an area of 30,000 km square (about the size of Munster). She outlined the history of her country, from it’s formation under King Moshoeshe, to being a British ‘Protectorate’ and to Independence in 1966. She vividly described to us some of Lesotho’s cultural traditions, especially people’s love of music, and the beautiful scenery in this mountainous ‘Kingdom in the Sky’.

Her involvement in and passion for Camara’s project in Lesotho was obvious. She was very positive about the beneficial role played by Camara and it’s volunteers in Lesotho, providing computers to schools and IT training for Lesotho’s teachers.
I enjoyed our meeting with the very friendly, good humored and interesting Ambassador. I am really looking forward to visiting, working and meeting people in her country!

Kay McCarthy